GRIT Popup: An Actress, An Engineer (Episode II)

GRIT Popup: An Actress, An Engineer (Episode II)

Art+Technology: Curating Stories of the Space Coast. The GRIT Popup company is made up of acclaimed artists, chefs, and storytellers who work together to build full-sensory, flash experiences honoring people, communities, and speciality causes. In this episode we celebrate the mysterious life of Emily Pickens, a self-proclaimed actress and engineer, […]

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New Podcast Emerges from Space Coast, FL

Episode 2: What is Trench Media? This Trench Media Podcast represents a snapshot of the people and motivations that are driving this site. Featured in this session are visual storyteller and videographer, Justin Snyder of Mendx Studios, as well as Chief Growth Hacker at SMA Marketing, Ryan Shelley and co-founder of Trench […]